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Here’s a little bit about me & my company.

I started out with my company as,and have now rebranded as Little dreamers. I am based in scotland, since 2004, where me and my trusty brother sewing machine make fabric products for children

My name is Kirsteen & I have always loved designing things & being very hands on and creative. I trained at Glasgow College of Building and Printing, where i obtained an HND in integrated product design. then went on to Coventry University, to achieve the English equivalent of an HND in Transport Design. After taking a year out, I returned to Glasgow, this time to Caledonian University to complete my honours degree in Integrated Product Design.

Since having my 2 children, Ava (6) and Oliver (5) my designs became more about them and their wants/needs.

I created the beanbag before my daughter was born. Little did I know about colic & the immense amount of throwing up she was going to do, but the beanbag helped her, as it is gently angled to raise the head above the feet – advice given to me from midwives, to help baby with digestion of milk and food, until they can stand upright on their own two feet and be able to do it for themselves.

It can also help reduce Plagiocephaly or Brachycephaly, better known as Flat Head Syndrome. the advice given by midwives and health visitors, is to have tummy time, however, as I found out with my two children, they were not happy being on their tummies.

I think probably as they were nosey & couldn’t see what was going on! With the beanbag, the baby lies on his/her back, the pressure on the head is greatly reduced and the beans underneath give way to support the baby’s natural posture, and they are free to move their heads from side to side as they feel necessary.

Since the beanbag, I’ve made many teddies (Scary Bear mark 1 & 2) and lots of other little bits & bobs to keep them smiling and happy – that’s my main concern.

I also make products for adults too, cushions, beanbags, curtains and teddies too (come on, we’re all kids at heart!)

I have been a Technical Engineer for many years but now I’m putting my all into my little business & I hope you like what I make. I’ll try not to inundate your mailbox or news feed on social media, but just give you a gentle reminder that I’m here, working away, and should a baby come along that needs a gift that’s a little different from the ordinary, please keep me in mind.

I specialise in custom made designs and I am able to offer a range of products manufactured to your bespoke requirements, products you won’t find anywhere else specific to you. On certain products I use small batches of materials and offer limited edition products, so you can be sure your product is a rare one.

I manufacture everything myself, in house, and if you require fast service, I can produce products within 14 days* of your order.

I will be happy to help you from your initial enquiry, and I will ensure a smooth transition from the design of your product, right through to delivery.

You will find a range of my products on this website, but if you require any further assistance or samples, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or by good old fashioned phone 07779 005565 and I will be more than happy to help, and answer any questions.

Thanks for visiting x