Fabric Wall Art

Fabric Wall Art

Beautiful Butterfly Wall Art


These instructions will help you to make a beautiful soft fabric butterfly, which can be stuck on to your wall, and played with too. (Butterfly template is at the bottom of these instructions.) Just follow the steps, one by one, as follows:

You will need:

3 small pieces of fabric, (2 with different patterns & 1 plain) Sharp fabric scissors

Wadding sheeting/ quilting polyester about 0.5cm thick. Pins


Velcro about 1” long. Hook = “Jaggy” and Loop = “Soft”

Sewing machine / needle (can be sewn by hand if you don’t have a machine)

Step 1:

Choose 2 different fabrics that are similar or two that are contrasting.

Step 2:

Print out both of the butterfly shapes & cut them out, carefully.

Step 3:

Pin the butterfly shapes to the plain fabric and cut out carefully.

Step 4:

Pin the shapes to the wadding and cut around near to the edge. This doesn’t have to be perfect as will be trimmed later.

Step 5:

“Sandwich” the butterfly together with the patterned fabric right side up, the wadding in the middle, and the plain fabric at the bottom.

Step 6:

Pin loosely together in the centre, making sure the butterflies line up. Sew a line along the centre on both butterflies.

Step 7:

Sew carefully around the butterfly leaving about ¼” from the outer edge.

Step 8:

Trim off any fuzz and clean up the edges. Repeat with the 2nd butterfly.

Step 9:

Take your 2 pieces of Velcro, and trim into circular/oval shape. Use the “Jaggy” side for the wall and the soft side for the back of the butterfly.

Step 10:

Line up both butterflies so the middles are together, place the soft Velcro at the back on the plain side. Pin and sew a straight line over the existing middle seam.

Step 11:

Your butterfly will now have a 3D effect and is ready to mount on the wall, or the edge of a shelf.

Step 12:

For demonstration purposes, I have used blue tack, not a long term solution. Best to use a couple of thin nails to hold the Velcro in place.

I really hope you have enjoyed making this fun craft today, you can try it again with different fabrics or colours & make a whole Kaleidoscope of butterflies for your room.

Until the next time….keep dreaming.


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