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Home Decor

If you’re fed up with how your room looks, giving a room a new lease of life, with a change in colour, or a fresh new wallpapered feature wall can make all the difference.

Below are before and after pictures of some rooms which have had a makeover. Take a browse, and if you’d like to contact me for a quote or some design/colour advice, there is a link at the bottom or this page, or you can click Contact on the menu at the top.

AFTER: Beautiful navy panelled wallpaper feature wall. other walls painted in grey with fresh new glossed woodwork.
BEFORE: stripped wallpaper behind bed and filled cracks in preparation for decorating.
AFTER: Painted in a dark satin green, gives a more dramatic look to a large room.
BEFORE: previously painted in a pale grey. I also built a frame to bring the TV out to be flush with the wall.
AFTER: Full wall hand painted mural of a jungle scene with a Silverback Gorilla as the focal point. The other 3 walls were covered in a silvery wallpaper, and woodwork had a fresh coat of brilliant white gloss.

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