Makeover Mood Boards

Makeover Mood Boards £200

Refurbishing a room in your house can be quite daunting, thinking of all the factors you need to consider, furnishings, lighting, fabrics for curtains, linen, storage and the all important accessories.

We can take the reigns and  create a fabulous mood board to help you to recreate a designer look, which is suitable to your taste and budget.

We will email you a quick questionnaire for you to fill out, and provide us with the information we need to continue with your design, we will need your room measurements, any ideas that you currently have in mind, colours, interests and any furniture you’d like to keep as part of the room design, then we’ll get started on your design.

We will provide you with paint colours or wall coverings, accessories, fabrics and any additional pieces of furniture that are required. Along with pricing and where to purchase all pieces to complete the designer look and feel of your new room.

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