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I have been thinking about writing a blog for a while now, but had absolutely no idea where to start. So, as Maria Von Trapp says…

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, when you read you begin with ABC, when you sew you begin with….

OK, that’s not quite how the song went, however…. I learned how to sew from my mum when I was young. She started with the very basic stuff, like how to thread a needle and tie the end with one hand, total time saver! She taught me how to cut patterns and how to pin them together, while I watched on in awe, as she sewed the pieces together and created beautiful little outfits for her label ‘Mother Goose Designs’

She would talk me through what the different markings on the patterns were for and basically made it fun & really easy for me to pick it up.

Learning more techniques and skills through Art, Technical & Home Economics at Queen Margaret Academy, I built up my confidence, and started to get creative and my love for creating physical things went from there. I studied Art & Design in various forms over my college/uni years, and finished up with an Honours Degree in Integrated Product Design, which I focused on soft furnishings and interior decoration.

Now I’m fortunate enough that I have been able to design full (ish) time, working from my home office, while the kids are at school.

My kids are one of the big reasons I do what I do now, through watching them grow and develop, I saw opportunities and little gaps where things were needed to make life a wee bit easier. They also like to tell me what they would like the ideal toy to be, however, ​a full size real flying magical unicorn​ perhaps, is outwith even my capabilities to manufacture!

The current issue I have is playing the Tooth Fairy, and my children’s desire to put their little tiny tooth right underneath the pillow, “it’s so the tooth fairy knows where it is mum!” all very good and well, but how exactly is she/he (can’t be gender specific these days) going to get under

there to find it when your head weighs on average 8 lbs – according to little Ray in Gerry McGuire.

So, I developed a cute little tooth fairy cushion which has a little pocket which is way much easier for the winged creature to swap the clean tooth for a lovely shiny coin….

Which leads on to the burning question, ​what is the going rate for the tooth fairy? ​It’s a common question at the school gates – How much ​does​ the fairy leave??

When I was growing up, it was a £1 coin for the 2 big front teeth and 50p for the rest. I was speaking to a mum & she said she was going to give £5! That’s a very slippery slope, as there are 20 baby teeth to lose (in my son’s case 22)
Well, with inflation and all the rest of it, we figured £2 for a big tooth, £1 for a little one. Since my son’s first tooth to fall out was his big front tooth, we gave a £2 coin. However, with his dental maturity, he lost both in quick succession, costing us £4, then my daughter lost her bottom tooth (normally the first to go) which left us with the dilemma and the probable tantrums to follow if she only got £1 and he got £4! So now we are stuck with £2 per tooth.

We’ve even had to swap the coins with letters to the fairy, since my Son had swallowed 2 – accidentally of course – and my daughter was trying to brush hers over the sink & it inevitably went down the drain!

What did your tooth fairy leave??​ Please leave a comment share your thoughts with me. ‘til the next time….
Kirsteen. x