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You will need:

A saucepan

A wooden spoon or similar

Plastic disposable gloves

Heat source -hob or stove. (if you don’t have access, use boiled water from a kettle)


1 Cup Water

1 tablespoon of Vegetable Oil

½ Cup of Salt

1 tablespoon of Cream of Tartar

1 Cup of Flour

Food colouring in whichever colours you desire.


Put the water, veg oil, salt and cream of tartar into the saucepan and heat gently until warm & dissolved.

Remove from heat and add the flour.

Knead until smooth. Divide into smaller amounts for the different colours you want.

Put on the gloves & add the food colouring, until you get the shade you wish.

If you just want one colour, you can add the food colouring to the saucepan instead.

Once you have made the dough, you can keep it for a couple of weeks, or until you think it’s gone bad. Keep in an air-tight container.

Now you’re good to go, create some fab colours and sculptures, have fun!

Kirsteen x